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My prayers are with all the actors playing frozen characters in OUAT

y’all are gonna get so much undeserved hate and I’m so sorry

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I’m sure he’d be proud too

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I like you. I like you a lot. Please post more stories. You're brilliant! You are MORE than brilliant! You're amazing!! And...I like you A LOT!
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I’m seriously at a loss for words, I just can’t believe it!!!  I know it’s not great and I have A TON of work to do on my writing skills, but that was my first fic ever (everything else I’ve ever written were just essays for school) so I’m still getting a feel for it!

I actually am working on a few things right now!  I’m having a bit of writer’s block but I hope to post in in a few days!  (Since I’m going on vacation soon and don’t have much of time.)

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words!  I’ve re-read it a few times and every time I do I like it less and less but messages like this get my confidence up to keep trying and hopefully get better in the future!

Thanks for making my night, anon!

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Disney quotes (by Oh My Disney)

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this is an appreciation post for anyone who has ever tolerated me

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I watched Frozen yesterday and remembered how this is my personal crackpairing to end all crackpairings. I regret nothing.

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But something I’m really excited for is Kristanna in ouat. Like can’t wait to see them as one of those comfortable couples, you know? Like how Hiccup and Astrid were in httyd 2. All those awkward butterflies are gone and they’re just close and connected together. I want to see them work together,…

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dog out of water.  solution: eat other dog

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Go on anon and write what you like or dislike about me